Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Handmade Specialized Paper

Like to make handmade cards, jazz up the scrap books or run out of paper to gift wrap, why don't you make your own Specialized Paper. This is a fun activity that needs simple household stuffs and lots of newspaper (It can turn really messy sometime!) and imagination.

Sponge it up - Use sponge and different colors of water paint.
1) Swirls - Use circular motions with the sponge
2) Waves - Make Wave patterns
3) Rainbow - Blot strips of many colors at one go on the sponge
4) Shaped Sponges - Cut different shapes of the sponge and try all
of the above again.

Threaded Paper - For that Classy look.
Puncher holes randomly on a paper. Use a needle and thread to sew squiggly lines on the paper. Use contrasting colors. Black paper with gold or silver thread gives a classy look.

Repeat Patterns - Get creative with veggies and fruits.
Cut the stem of the Ladies finger to make colorful flowers. Use potatoes and cut out simple pattern such as smiley faces, hearts, diamonds etc and stamp away. Try using other veggies ( onions for concentric circle patterns, small apples slices etc.)

Crayon shavings - Adult supervision needed!
Spread colorful crayon shavings on top of a paper. Cover it with a tracing paper. Using warm setting, press iron on the tracing paper.
(The tracing paper can also be used as a layer for making cards)

Color Blots
Fold a paper in half, then unfold. Place various pools of poster paint on one side of the crease. Now fold the paper in half again so that the paint smears. (Makes interesting butterfly patterns and faces.)

Square and diamond Silver
Cut out an Aluminium foil to an A4 size. Fold into half, then continue to fold into half until unable to do so. Open it up to find a rectangle creased paper. To get squares cut out the paper into a square first before folding. (Try folding differently to see the effects). This paper can be cut out and used as a border to create a stunning contrast.

Rub it on - Create antique look or autumn look.
Place various coins underneath a piece of blank paper. Rub over the surface of the paper using color pencils or crayons to get rubbings of the coins on the paper. Try using different leaves, keys or other things that will create a rubbing on a paper.

Spotty Look
Use an old comb and brush to splatter dots of different water colors onto the paper. (Black or dark blue paper with white or silver color to create night, stars and space.)
Paint spots on the paper to get pokka dot effect.
Paint Yellow and black stripes for a Tiger look or black and white stripes or any other combination that you like.

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