Friday, August 24, 2007

Teacher's Day Card - Weave it up!

As Teacher's day is round the corner, I know that this project is something that would be fun and yet one where you get to give your teachers' beautiful handmade cards. This is an ideal project for recycling gift wraps. I also made use of the specialized paper that I had created (using sponge effect, as stated in my earlier post).

You Will Need

Single fold pink card
Purple paper
Two (18cm X 12cm) Used gift wrap ( I have used 1 gift wrap and the other specialised paper)
Metal ruler
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Double-sided adhesive tape

1. Using a pencil, mark every 1cm across one gift wrap paper (on the wrong side) top and bottom. Starting 1 cm from the top edge and using a craft knife against a metal ruler, cut vertical lines at your pencil marks to make a fringe.

2. Cut the other piece of gift wrap into strips 1cm wide. Weave one strip horizontally through the fringed gift wrap, threading over the first fringed length, then under, and repeat with the remaining strips, alternating the first weave.

3. Measure and mark a 18cm X 12cm rectangle on the purple paper and cut it out. Mark a 1cm border and cut a window. Place length of double sided adhesive tape around the wrong side of the window. Hold the window right-side up over the woven rectangle and lower in place. Press down firmly.

4. Place length of double sided adhesive tape around the wrong side of the woven rectangle. Hold the woven rectangle right-side up over the single fold card and lower in place. Press down firmly.

5. Draw and cut out 4 purple hearts. Arrange the hearts to form a flower. Punch out a small hole from the extra gift wrap. Place it on the centre. Attach the flower to the top corner of the window.

Other Tips.
Use different widths of strips to make the woven rectangle. Cut the window in other shapes, for example, square or oval.

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