Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fun with egg cartons

Eggshell or Egg Carton Tulips

Make a bouquet of delicate eggshell tulips for your Mum, using eggshells (or foam egg cartons sections) and pipe cleaners. Younger children will find it easier to use the egg carton sections.

Supplies needed:
Eggshells (or foam egg cartons sections)
Green pipe cleaners
Tempera paint and markers
Hot glue or white glue


Clean eggshell halves and dry them gently. Or, for an easier craft with more durable flowers, use foam egg carton sections. Cut the cartons sections to look like a tulip.
Using tempera paint, decorate the shells to look like tulips. Let the paint dry overnight. When the paint is completely dry, add details to the tulips using markers.

Twirl one end of a green pipe cleaner into a spiral shape (this will be glued onto the base of the tulip).

Glue the spiral to the tulip (if using white glue, let it set for a few hours).

Egg Carton Ladybug

This is an easy way to make ladybugs using egg cartons, crayons or markers, scissors, and pipe cleaners. Googly eyes are a nice touch.

1.Separate one cup from an egg carton.
2.Using markers or tempera paint, children can paint the egg carton cup red. Then, using black paint, color in the head, and make spots on the body.
3.Using the point of a scissors, an adult should make 6 small holes (3 on each side) at the base of the cup (these will be for the legs). Make 2 small holes (for antennae) where the top of the head will be.
4.Insert a black pipe cleaner into each a side hole and out the other side for the legs. Use half a pipe cleaner for the antennae.
5.Glue on googly eyes or paint on white eyes.

The Seven Dwarves
Egg carton, fabric, yarn, permanent markers, paint and other materials to decorate, tape, scissors and glue.

1.Cut the bottom off an egg carton and trim the rough edges (ensure the lid and locks are removed).
2.Attach an additional 2-cup piece to the egg carton (to make the 7th dwarf).
3.Turn upside down - decorate the "upper" row of humps as faces with beards, hair, etc; decorate the lower row of humps (bodies), covering with small squares of fabric to make the bed covers.
4.Use the lid of the egg carton to form the bed's head and foot boards. Attach to the bed.
5.Decorate with stickers, paint, etc.

Egg Carton School Bus

lid (TOP) of an egg carton
yellow paint or markers
black construction paper or 2 lids from milk jugs (for wheels)
black marker
OPTIONAL: small cutouts of people from magazines, coloring books or hand drawn

1. cut the lid off an egg carton

2. Paint (or color with marker) the lid yellow. We only used one coat, but you could do two.

3. While the paint is drying, cut 2 circles out of black construction paper

OR use the lids from milk jugs as an alternative to construction paper wheels

OPTIONAL: Also while the paint is drying, cut small images of people from magazines or coloring books or draw your own.

Once the paint is dry, glue on the wheels.

OPTIONAL: Glue the images of people onto the bus. The carton we used had holes down the center, so we glued the people into the holes. If yours doesn't have holes, just glue the people onto the bus... you can draw "windows" around them with a black marker.

Write SCHOOL along the top of the bus

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