Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Key Chain Galore

Hi kids, here are some great ideas to make neat key chains. What's more great is that they make lovely gift for your loved ones.

1. Happy Faces Felt Key chain

You will need
1 yellow felt material
Stick on eyes
needle and thread
glitters and other decorations
Key chain

Draw two 5cm circles on the wrong side of the felt material.

Cut out the circles with a 5mm border around the circles.

For younger children, ask an adult to sew the 2 pieces together leaving a 1 cm gap.

Turn the felt material right side out and draw a happy face.

Glue in the eyes and decorate as desired.

Stuff with cotton to get a puffy face.

Attach the key chain to the unsewn portion and sew it up.

2.Beaded Key chain

You will need

Beads of various colours and sizes
Key chain

Tip - You could use alphabet beads to make names or words such as "ILuvMum" etc.

Bead a beautiful design using contrasting colours and sizes of beads and wire. Then attach to the key chain. You could also attach a broach or other pins into the bead design as a center piece.

3. Sea Shell Key Chain

You could use sea shells which are bigger than 5 cm to make a key chain. Ask an adult to drill a hole in one end of the shell. Then attach the key chain to it.

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