Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Recycle Crafts

Hey kids, lets help save the earth. Here are some craft ideas using everyday products that you can recycle and make it into interesting crafts. Some of them make great gifts for your loved ones. Enjoy!

Ladybug Treasure Holder

Materials Needed:

Tuna Can
Black Acrylic Paint
Black Pipe Cleaner
Wiggle Eyes
Glue or Glue Gun

Paint the tuna can black and set it aside and allow it to dry.
Trace around the tuns can to make a circle on a red piece of felt. Cut out your circle, but cut it about 1/2 inch larger than your tracing. Cut the circle in half. Cut tiny circles out of black felt and glue them on your red half circles to be the ladybug's spots.

Spread glue half way around the top edge of your painted tuna can (figure 1). place your two half circles onto the top edge of your can. The half circles should come together to form a circle, and you want them to join in the center of your glue line (figure 2). Once dry, you can fold back the bottom of the wings to reveal the inside of the can (figure 3)!

Use pipe cleaners to make antennae and small legs if you like. Glue on the wiggle eyes are your lady bug treasure holder is complete!

Cow Puppet

Materials Needed:

Paper Lunch Bag (preferably white)
Black Paint
Circle-Shaped Sponge
Construction Paper

Use a white paper lunch bag if you can. Use the construction paper or markers to make a face on the bottom of the paper bag. The mouth will be on the bottom edge where the bag is folded. You can also use felt and cut out eyes, nose, etc. Cut small, pointy ear shapes out of construction paper and glue them to the side of the bottom edge of the paper bag.

Once your face is drawn, you can finish making your cow by giving it black spots! Dip a small, round sponge into black paint and dab it on the bag. Set it aside until the paint dries.

Sports Pencil Holder

What you'll need:
Empty juice can (plastic or cardboard)
Piece of green construction paper 4 1/2 inches wide and 9 inches long
Markers in blue, green, red, white, or any other colors desired
Double stick tape

How to make it:
Wrap the green construction paper around the juice can and attach using the double stick tape. Make sure you stick down the edges that meet really well.
Using markers, draw a golf course on the green construction paper. Include holes, flags, small ponds, bushes, etc. You can even draw a picture of your Dad on the course if you want to.
Give to Dad and let him enjoy!


You can also use a frosting can if you don't have a juice can. You will have to measure and cut the green construction paper to a different size.

Pencil Carrier Craft

Materials Needed:

Potato Chip Canister with Cover (Pringles)
Supplies to Decorate

Wash out the can using soap and water; dry completely.
Now, make a personalized pencil carrier by decorating the outside of the canister! You are only limited by the supplies you have and your own imagination. Here are some suggestions for you:

Draw or paint designs on a piece of construction paper. Glue it around the canister.
Cover the canister with colorful wallpaper samples.
Cover the canister with special wrapping paper.
Cover or paint the canister and decorate it with stickers, rubber stamps, etc.
Embellish your canister with fabric scraps, ribbon, buttons, beads, and anything else you can think of!

My Favorite Thing Gift

Materials Needed:

Shoe Box

Paint the outside of the box (or decorate as desired). Glue a small mirror on the bottom of the box. Make a card and glue it on the bottom of the box top that reads: "The person pictured here is one of the most special gifts in my life". Wrap as desired.

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