Monday, November 26, 2007

A gallery of my hand made cards.

Hi, here are some of my favourite cards that I had created for my kids( for Teacher's day) and to send to my friends and relatives for Eid Mubarak ( A festivity celebrated by muslims).

For the top card, I made us of contrasting colours and simple patterns (Hearts) to create this attractive card.

For the second card, I made use of quilling technique to create the flower and butterfly. For the edges, I used Iris folding using a shiny material to create a 3-D effect.

For the third card, I emborssed a stencil design and highlighted it using pink and silver. On the top edge, I pasted a lace to create a "Sweet" card.

The last card is all about party and fun. Drew some party hats and a cake and decorated them with colourful markers. Pasted them on contrasting coloured papers for this Fun card


Handmade cards said...

Hello! I love the cards you made, especially third one. It's really art work. I am trying myself to make this kind of cards, and am improving, and is very relaxing for me. Can we exchange links? I would love to have your blog in my faworite list! Thanks!

Saffron said...

Interesting to know.