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Games Galore - Homemade games

Do you like to play games. No, I don't mean those PC and Xbox games. The old fashioned but always fun games such as PAIRS and OLD MAID etc. Well, wouldn't it be cooler if you made your own personalised game cards. There are easy to make and yet gives you hours of fun!


Cut out 36 rectangles ( 60cm X 80cm ) from a drawing board.
From scrapes of paper (Now is the time to use all your gift wrappers from birthday and Christmas presents) cut out 4 similar patterns of 60cm X 80cm from nine different papers.
Glue them onto the cardboard.
Once they have dried you can play so many different games!

These are just some of the games that you can try out

PAIRS (2 or more players)

Place all cards facedown on the table. Select 2 cards, if they are a pair, you get to keep the cards and continue with your turn.
If not, it is the next player's turn. The player with the most PAIRS win.

SNAP (2 or more players)

Deal the cards between the players. The first player, opens 1 card and places it in the centre. The next player does the same with his pile of card. when 2 matching cards are on the pile, the person who places his hand on the pile and shouts "SNAP" gets to keep the cards. The player with the most card at the end of the game wins.

OLD MAID (3 or more player)

Take out 1 card from the deck and put it aside. Now deal the cards.
Each player matches the cards that he is dealt and puts them down. The first player then takes a card from the player on his right. If the cards match, he puts them down. The next player continues.
The aim of the game is that the player with the odd card at the end of the game is the "Old Maid"

FASTER BLURTER (3 or more players)

Each player gets to choose an "Animal". The more complicated and longer the name the better. (Don't choose simple animals such as cats, dogs, fox etc - Try Rhinoceros, hippopotamus etc)
Once the card is dealt,(No one is allowed to peek at the deck), each player opens a card and places it in front of them. If 2 player cards are the same - the player who "Blurts" the other player's animal gets to give his cards over. The player who gives away all his cards win.


Have any of you played Happy Family. Its a card game consisting of 36 cars that has different occupations. I think they are 1.Weeder 2. stone 3.plod 4.dauber 5.dose 6.bun 7.fillet 8.bone 9.tack
Each family comprises of a Father, mother, brother and a sister.

Well why don't you create a Happy Family with a modern twist. Lets say you choose a medical profession. Then you could create cards with - G.P, Dentist, Surgeon, Optician (etc)

Create cards for nine professions which have 4 sub division. Create the cards as for "PAIRS" (as above) You could draw or print out pictures from the computer and paste it onto the cards with the subdivision and profession clearly written.

Happy Family can be played when there are at least 3 players (The more the merrier). Deal the cards between the players. Check your cards to group similar "Family"/Profession together. The player at the right of the person who dealt the cards starts first (or the youngest or oldest - there not set rule)

Choose whom you think has the other subdivision of your profession and say - "May I have the G.P. Please"

If the player has it, he will give it up to you and you continue to ask for more professions/subdivisions.
If he does not have the card, he will say "Sorry, not at home". Now, its his turn.

Once 4 cards(subdivision) of a profession has been collected a family is made. When all your cards are a family, you then ask the players for families, for e.g. "May I have the medical family, the architect family,etc."

Do try this out, I'm sure you'll have fun thinking up of the different professions, subdivision and making the cards as well as hours of fun playing this game.

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