Monday, December 3, 2007

How to recycle wrapping papers into crafts and other great ideas

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As Christmas is round the corner and for those who receive lots of gifts - Don't tear the wrapper to get at the present. Unwrap your presents neatly so that you can recycle the wrapper for these excellent craft ideas and other great stuffs. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun.

1. Pringles canister pencil case
Materials Needed:

Potato Chip Canister with Cover (Pringles)
Wrapping paper

Wash out the can using soap and water; dry completely.
Now, make a personalized pencil carrier by covering the canister with special wrapping paper that you like.
You can decorate even more - just use your imagination.
decorate it with stickers, rubber stamps, etc.
Embellish your canister with fabric scraps, ribbon, buttons, beads, and anything else you can think of!

2. Keepsake Container

What you need:

Metal tins: Like fruit cake candy, or cookie tins, with lids; glue;wrapping paper;felt in bright colors which match the wrapping paper

What to do:

1. Clean the tins out and dry thoroughly.

2. Line the inside of the tin with glued on felt. (optional)

3. Completely cover the lid of the tin using the wrapping paper and glue.

4. If you chose to paint the lid, you may use stencils, decals or just paint a design on the top. If you are going to give the tin as a gift, you can also paint the persons name on it.

3. Cards
You can make a variety of cards using left over wrapping papers. Here are some ideas

a. Weave them up - Use two contrasting coloured wrappers and make a weave pattern. Then stick it on the fornt of a different coloured card.

b. Mosaic Art - Tear up the wrapping paper and stick them onto the front of another blank card. You can make messages such as DAD, MOM, LOVE, THANKS etc with the torn up paper.

c. Stripes - Similar to weave. But this time use the contrasting wrappers to form stripes. Use more than 2 papers and cut them out at different width.

d. Layered - Cut out papers from contrasting colours/ complimenting colours in different sizes so that there's a layer of 1-2 inch border. On the smallest box, write a message using a glitter pen.

e. Use your imagination and come up other great card ideas. HAVE FUN WITH THESE WRAPPERS!

4. Homemade Notebooks
Get unused paper from old school exercise books. Arrange them neatly. Use a card board for the front and back page. Decorate the front and back pages by wrapping them with the wrappers. Punch two hole through the card and papers. Then use a striking lace or ribbon to tie it all up with a neat bow.
P.S. To make this lovely Note Book into a gift - Write the name and Message on the top cover piece using a glitter pen and decorate with stickers etc.

5. Kids crafts Dolls house

Materials Needed

2 large cardboard boxes
Poster paint
Masking tape
Sharp scissors and craft knife
Scrap material
Wallpaper, wrapping paper any paper that you wish to use
Thin cardboard boxes


For a full-size dolls house, use a large strong cardboard box for the main structure and build a removable roof out of the top flaps and triangular bits cut from other boxes. Stick together with masking tape then paint it your desired colour and leave to dry.

To make a two storey house divide the house using a piece of card support by brackets made from very thin tubes glued to the side of the box then glue the divider on top of it. If you want you can add as many rooms by doing the same thing just length ways instead.

Cut out some window and doors. To decorate the window make some curtains out of scrap bits of material and hang them on cocktail sticks used as curtain poles (see below). To make the out side of the house look more attractive paint some window boxes with flowers and a bush or two near the door.

Using scrap bits of wallpaper, wrapping paper, tissue paper or paint begin to decorate the walls. If you are having more then one room decorate them individually to make the house real looking.
For the floors you can use either scrap material and just glue them down or you can paint them. If you have any scrap bits of carpet lying about the house this will be even better.

P.S - My husband mad a beautiful doll house when my elderest daughter was 7 years old. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures of it and threw it away when we moved house last year.

6. Reuse the Wrapper for other presents.
Please make sure that there are no crinkles or markings or wording written on the paper.
P.S - Try to remember whom gave you the present as you wouldn't want to wrap up your gift and return it to the same person:)

IF you come up with more ideas on how to have fun and recyle the gift wrappers do comment and I'll include your ideas in this post.


JesieBlogJourney said...

Wow! I never thought of so many recycling paper crafts. Most of the time, I throw them. Will have to start saving them and try some of your fun projects.

Pippin Party said...

Cool ideas. Never thought you could do so much with wrapping paper. Nice to know we can recycle them for something good.

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