Thursday, January 31, 2008

Be My Valentine - My Collection of Valentine Day Greeting Cards

Here is a collection of my favorite creative cards for this valentine. For a change, I have not concentrated too much on red or hearts. Valentine needs not be about hearts alone.

For this card, I used a yellow printed card with a circle window. For the insert, I used a different shade of yellow. Using contrasting coloured paper, I folded the papers into tea bag designs to create 3-D effect. At the bottom of the circle, I placed more of the red and blue design coloured paper in a stripe effect.

Here is a simple design, which makes use of purple and orange to create this sweet card. The quilled hearts and flower make this attractive card a favorite for MOM.

I had stamped 3 sweet flowers on a pink paper, then used glitter markers to make the flowers stand out. For the four corners I used double coloured quilled flowers. The use of corrugated purple strips at the two sides gives this card extra texture.

A checkered design with 2 dark red quilled flowers makes this card into a classic yet sweet card. Instead of just 2 flowers you could add more, or add buttons or stickers to create a different look.

Chess anyone?
Green, blue and pink combination makes this into a very attractive card. For the borders, I used dark blue coloured paper into interesting quilled designs.

The neon green, pink and black coloured papers used makes this card into a very striking one. For the center, I used pink and yellow green papers to make the tea bag folds into a 3-D flower.

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rizal said...

i am sure these will be great projects for kids to spend their time with. Hope you will post more works in the future ya..

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