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Picture This - Fun ideas to make picture frames

There are many different ways as well as using many different materials to make picture frames. Here are fun ideas for you to try out.

Macaroni Picture Frame

What you need:
1 lid from a peanut butter jar
1 picture to fit in the lid
some uncooked macaroni noodles


1. Paint the lid and let it dry.

2. Glue the macaroni noodles all around the edge of the lid.

3. Paint the noodles all different colors and let dry.

4. Glue the picture inside of the lid.

5. Glue a loop of string on the top, back side of the lid for hanging.

Pet Photo Frame

What you need:

dog biscuits, kitty treats or other favors to represent the animal you will feature in the photo (for a bird, how about small seed bells, or other bird toys)

1 picture of your favorite animal

acrylic paint- any color

fine tipped marker

craft glue

paint brush

5X5 inch piece of cardboard or photo matting- cereal boxes work great

craft knife

sealer- Design Master Super Surface Sealer clear Sealer and Satin Finish 383 works great

ribbon or magnet


1. Center your picture on top of cardboard and trace around it.

2. Use craft knife to cut out hole for picture

3. Paint the front of the frame in the color of your choice

4. Glue treats on to the frame.

5. On one of the treats or an open space on the frame write the animal's name, plus the dates of birth and death if they are now little angels.

6. Seal with sealer

7. On the back side of the frame glue or tape the picture in place

8. Add ribbon or magnet to the back to hang.

Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

What you need:

Eight clean Popsicle sticks

Paint or magic markers

Tacky craft glue

Photograph of yourself / or your loved one



Cardboard (you can use an old cereal box)

Yarn (if you want to hang your frame)

Magnet (if you want to be able to put your frame on the refrigerator or a filing cabinet)

Any of the following items to decorate the frame: sequins, buttons, construction paper, yarn, stickers, nuts and bolts, fishing lures, buttons, ribbons, tiny fake flowers, golf tees, puzzle pieces, lace, stamps, wrapping paper, fabric, or pictures of their favorite hobby cut from magazines, etc.


1. Arrange the Popsicle sticks as follows: put two side-by-side vertically (up and down). Put two more (arranged the same way) next to them.

2. Take the photograph and slide the edges under the four sticks so that neither of the sides (right or left) show.

3. Place two more Popsicle sticks, side-by-side, so that the top edge is covered. Do the same with the bottom edge using the last two sticks. (The top and bottom parts will cross over the side parts of the frame.) Use the pencil to lightly mark where the frame will attach. You may need to trim the picture if it is too big.

4. Use the glue to put the frame together. Let it dry overnight.

5. While you are waiting for the frame to dry, put the picture on a piece of cardboard and trace around it. Trim the cardboard to be just a little larger than the picture (about 1/4" all the way around).

6. Glue the picture to the center of the cardboard.

7. Decorate the frame using paints or markers. Let that dry (if you used paint) and then further decorate it with the items you've collected.

8. Once the frame is dry (paint or glue), glue the picture to the frame.

9. If you want to hang the frame, glue a 4" piece of yarn to the back of the frame. (Glue one end to each top corner.) If you would rather it be a magnetic frame, glue a magnet to the back. You can also make a stand using a stiff piece of cardboard. (Cut a 4" by 2"
rectangle. Bend the cardboard at one end about 1/2" from the top. Glue the bent part to the back so that the frame can stand up (you may need to trim it a little if it's too long.)

10. Wrap it up, and give someone a special surprise!

Photo Frames from CD Boxes

What you need:

Empty CD boxes
Scissors and glue
Craft supplies and household bits and pieces


1. Open your CD box and take out the paper inserts and the molded plastic piece into which the CD itself fits.

2. Cut your photo to just smaller than the box. You will be fitting it into the back of the box with the hinged edge at the top, so about 4 inches wide and 4 ¾ inches high is perfect, but don’t worry too much! Fix the photo against the plastic with a few small pieces of sticky-tape. Find a nice piece of cardboard, gift wrap or fun foam which will complement your design and cut this to fit snugly behind the photo and to the edges of the frame (4 ¾ inches wide, 5 ¼ inches high). Fix with glue or sticky-tape with the pattern, if any, facing into the box. When your frame is finished you will open the box out to stand it up, so this backing protects your photo.

3. Now all you need to do is draw a line of glue on the outside edges of the front of the CD box and start decorating! Use whatever you have to hand. You can build on the theme of the photo, the season, or the particular interests of the recipient.

Here are some decorating ideas to get you started:

For photos of girls:

Sparkly beads – either individual or pre-strung necklaces
Pearl beads (you may be able to buy an old “pearl” necklace in a charity shop cheaply)
Jewels (available from craft shops)
Glass nuggets (for flower arranging, they come in gorgeous colours)
Tiny silk flowers
Pretty flower braid, with the individual flowers cut apart and interspersed with silk leaves or green ribbon
Tiny Barbie figures (fast food give-always)
Left over or “odd” doll’s shoes and accessories

For photos of boys:

Jelly beans
Tiny plastic soldiers
Tiny cars
Wheels of assorted shapes and sizes!
Lego pieces. This looks great!
Peanuts in shells
Toy insects, plastic dinosaurs or farm animals
Stamps (buy a collectors’ pack of football stamps, for example)
Left-over or “odd” action man accessories – shoes, boots, helmets etc

For Christmas

Little cut-outs of Christmassy things, from wrapping paper or old cards (or have a look at our scrapbook paper page for ideas)
Small ornaments or bits of ornaments left over from a wreath
Little ribbon bows
Fake holly and berries
Gold stars – either stickers, or shapes cut from cardboard
Gold and silver beads, or metallic beads in Christmas colours
Red or green gingham ribbon
Christmas shapes (trees are easiest!) cut out of craft foam
Dried cranberries
Spices (cloves, star anise, cinnamon sticks). This one smells nice too!
Tiny pine cones
Glitter – lots of it, with some sequins thrown in for good measure. This is fun to do but can be messy to display: no matter how well the glitter is stuck on, it will always find its way off the frame again!
Gold and silver braid and ribbons
Fake “spruce”
Miniature wrapped-up presents – make your own, or buy miniature tree decorations
Cotton wool for a snow scene
Small squares cut from last year’s Christmas cards. Cut them carefully to include the right colours and you will get a lovely mosaic effect

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