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Hatventures - Fun and Creative Hat Crafts

Here is a variety of Fun Hats that you can make and add to your collection of "Dress Up" fun!

Lincoln Hat
Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the USA, used to wear a black stovepipe hat.

Supplies needed:
Black construction paper
Toilet paper tube (1 tube makes two hats)
A pencil

1. Cut a toilet paper tube in half, making two short tubes.

2. Cut out a 2 inch by 6 inch rectangle of black construction paper.

3. Trace a circle on black construction paper, using a tube as your guide. Draw four small rectangles around the edges of the circle.
Cut this out (this will be the top of the hat).

4. Trace another circle on a piece of black construction paper, using the tube as your guide. Draw a larger circle around this circle, about 1/2 inch outside the first circle. Cut out along the larger circle (this will be the hat's brim).

5. Continuing with the brim, cut a series of lines through the inner circle. Fold these triangular pieces upwards.

6. Glue or tape the triangular pieces of the hat's brim inside the half toilet tube.

7. Now, for the top on the hat, use the circle with tabs. Fold the tabs where they meet the circle. Put the small black paper circle on the top of the hat, taping the rectangular tabs to the tube.

8. Place the rectangle of black paper around the central part of the hat. Glue it securely.

Graduation hat

Supplies needed:
Poster board (One piece of poster board (2 ft by 3 ft) will make 6 children's hats. )
Brass paper fasteners
Yarn (for tassels)


1. Cut one piece of poster board into 6 squares (each measuring 8 inches by 8 inches) and 6 strips (each measuring 2 feet by 3 1/4 inches).

2. Make a series of V-shaped marks in each strip. The V-shaped notch should go about halfway through the strip.

3. Cut out the V-shaped notches in the strip.

4. Fold the strip in half (along the dotted line).

5. Form the strip into a circle with the notched part facing into the circle. Adjust the size to fit the child's head. Glue the ends to form the hat band.

6. Glue the hat band to the mortar board (one of the squares).

7.Make a tassel by winding yarn around a 6 inch piece of cardboard. Wind the yarn around the cardboard about 5 or 6 times.

8. Slip the tassel off the cardboard. Wrap a piece of yarn around one end and tie it securely. Cut the long end of the tassel.

9. Attach the tassel to the hat using a brass paper fastener

This activity creates papier-mâché dinosaur hats. Each step takes about an hour or less. A few days drying time is required between the papier-mâché part, the application of decorations, and the painting part. It is also messy, involving tearing paper, gluing it, decorating, and painting.

One large balloon for each hat
A lot of old newspaper and/or brown-bag paper
Flour-water glue (instructions follow)
Hole punch (or just use the tip of a scissors to make holes)
Assorted paper, cardboard scraps, styrofoam scraps, egg cartons
String or elastic for chin straps


1. Choose the type of dinosaur hat(s) you want to make. Species with interesting heads include




and T. rex.

2. Make a simple, thin glue from flour and water (boiling gives it a nice consistency). A good recipe is: Mix 1 cup of flour into 1 cup of water until the mixture is thin and runny. Stir into 4 cups of boiling water. Simmer for about 3 minutes, then cool.

3. Tear a lot of strips of newspaper and/or brown bag paper. Strips should be about 1 inch wide; the length doesn't really matter.

4. Blow up a balloon for each child. Each hat is molded over a large balloon.

5. Dip each strips of paper in the flour glue and put on the balloon. Put the balloon sideways because most dinosaurs had long heads. Apply the papier-mâché strips to cover about half of each balloon . About 3 layers of paper are necessary for a hat thick enough to decorate later. You can do all the layers at one time, or wait between layers. Let dry for a few days.

6. Pop the balloon when the hat's dry and remove. Trim the hat, depending on the dinosaur species chosen. Using glue or staples, add horns, frills, crests, beaks, teeth, and more, made of paper, cardboard, styrofoam, egg cartons, etc. Let dry.

7. When the hats are dry, punch holes for chin straps and paint the eyes, nostrils, beaks, skin color, etc. Let paint dry.

8. Add string or elastic to use as a chin strap.

Flower Crown


A paper plate
Colored construction paper or tissue paper
Paint, markers, or crayons
Optional - glitter, crepe paper or other ribbons


Cut a slit through the center of the paper plate, leaving about an inch at the edges of the plate. Cut three more slits.

Bend the triangles formed by the cuts upwards, forming leaf-like shapes.
Paint the crown light green (or use markers or crayons to color it). Let the paint dry.

Cut out some construction paper or tissue paper flowers for your hat. Any shapes will do - let your imagination run wild and invent your own flowers. Glue flowers to the crown.

Optional: Decorate it with glitter and/or staple two long ribbons of crepe paper to your beautiful hat.

Variation: Instead of flowers, make paper eggs, decorate them, and put them on your hat.

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