Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun Crafts ideas for your pre-schoolers

Memory Book
Memory Book

Create a new tradition by making a memory book together with your kids. Then update it once a year as a mini time capsule keepsake.
Prep time: 30 min.

What you'll need:
Construction paper
Yarn, string, thread or cord
Crayons, markers or colored pencils

What to do:
Cut felt or paper to the desired size (these will be the pages of the memory book) and bind by sewing with yarn, string or cord.
Glue-in pieces of construction paper or felt to create pockets for keepsakes and souvenirs.
Each year, a new "chapter" is created, items and information are added to the book, and parents and kids can look back on their past

Alphabet Book
Alphabet Book

Construction paper
String or yarn

Ask a grown-up to help you punch holes along one edge of the pieces of construction paper.

Stack the paper together so that the holes line up.

Thread pieces of string or yarn through the holes and tie knots to create a book.

Write a title on the front of the book, like 'A-B-C' or 'My Alphabet Book'.

Write each letter of the alphabet on the pages of the book and draw pictures of things that begin with each letter.

Flip through your book and practice your ABC’s!

Envelope Art
Envelope Art

This project requires very little set up or clean up.
Total craft time is about 30 minutes.

You'll Need:
Envelope Art
What to do:
First you'll need to seal the envelope.
Draw a nose, whiskers or other features.
Cut construction paper ears, hat, or hair

"My Favorite Things" - Homemade Placemat Craft for Kids

You'll Need:
construction paper, cardstock, or poster board
one roll of contact paper or laminate sheets
glue Stick
photos, magazine images etc.
optional craft supplies; stickers, markers, crayons etc.

First have your children select and cut photographs
and/or magazine pictures. Attach the pictures to the
paper using a glue stick. Finish decorating the placemat
with markers, stickers and drawings.
Don't forget to write your name with bold letters.

When everything is attached and dry...cover the placemat
on both sides using the laminate paper, following the directions on the package.

Edible Jewelry

3 ounces shoestring licorice (red &, black)
1 cup checkerboard pretzel
1 cup Fruit Loops cereal
2 cups assorted varieties Cheerios toasted oat cereal
1 cup gummy Lifesavers candy, use your imagination

1Use the licorice as your"string" and thread the other ingredients onto it.
2Use various lengths to create necklaces, bracelets,& rings.
3Wear your creations with pride, then eat them when the mood strikes.


Tina said...

How lovely ideas!

The Writer's Life said...

Great ideas!

I really like the idea of creating a memory book together. It encourages creativity, while allowing us to build memories together!

Keep up the good work!

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Such a beautiful idea!!! yes of course as the writer's wife said it encourages the creativity. .
Thanks for sharing!!

Home Tips said...

These are great ideas again.I am definitely going to start the memory book for my 3 year old.Am also going to link to this site for Kids Crafts.