Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Versatile Punch

Punches come is so many shapes, sizes and types. They range from mini/baby to Mega or Super Giant. They are so many types available such as Corner, Border, Tile, Square, Oval and Circles, Profile (where the results look like stencil), Word range and many more.
For individual punches, there is such a variety available you will be at a loss to choose from the many different floral, animal, shapes,etc.

As a matter of fact, once you start making crafts and cards using punches you are very likely to get hooked into using Punches as they are very addictive. Its so simple to use and with good color coordination and creativity the the type of craft or card you can make is endless.


Use 2 contrasting colored papers. Cut out 1 of the colored paper as a slightly larger rectangle ( give a border of 1 cm) than the other paper. Punch out 3-4 shapes of your desired shapes in a row from the centre of the smaller rectangle. (Use the punched out shapes for other projects). Paste the smaller rectangle onto the larger rectangle. Decorate with colors or glitters if desired. Punch a small hole on the top of the larger paper. Insert a lace, ribbon etc and tie it up.

Tile Punches

For a classic look use tile punches to make cards. These are great for Christmas or Father's day cards.
Choose a card stock. Next choose 2 complementing colors that contrast with the card stock. Punch 2 squares each. Paste them alternatively to create a double colored square. Write or stencil your message such as "Merry Christmas" on the bottom.

Corner Punches

Have fun and mix and match. Corner punches need not be for corners after all. Create a lovely checkered card using a corner punch.
Use a square card stock. Cut out about Eight 2cm squares from a contrasting or complementing colored paper. Fold each square diagonally and punch with your favorite corner punch. Paste the squares onto the card stock to form a checker board.

Variation - Instead of a Corner punch, use a shape punch such as a flower, teddy bear etc.

Below are some pictures of more complicated cards for you to try out and have fun. Enjoy


best buy penny stock said...

very cool.

Jean9 said...

These are so very attractive, anyone would be thrilled with a handcrafted card. I am not familiar with paper crafts, but seems there are some way cool supplies to work with as with any other craft.

Gaida said...

Hi Bubbles,
You have inspired me to sort through my fantastic collection of punches... and rubber stamps... and!!! the list goes on.

As a crafter I'm sure you know what I mean. I think I could have a very nice holiday on the money I've spent on my hobbies...and loved every minute of it.