Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Make your own latern

Paper Lanterns

A fun paper lantern to decorate your home for Chinese New Year. Make many lanterns of different colors or decorations and hang them around your home.

What you'll need:

Construction paper
Glue, glitter, sequins, if desired to decorate your lantern

How to make it:

Use your ruler to measure and cut one inch off the short end of your paper. Set aside to use as the handle.
Fold your paper in half lengthwise.
Draw a line one inch from the end of the long edge of the paper opposite the folded edge. This will be the line where you stop cutting.
Measure and mark lines one inch apart starting at the folded edge and moving towards the "stop cutting" line. (see photo)
Cut on the marked lines up to the "stop cutting" line.
Unfold the paper.
Re-crease the paper in the opposite direction. This will hide any pencil marks.
Match the long edges together on the lantern and use tape to hold it in place.
Staple the handle to the top of the lantern. (see photo)
Make as many lanterns as you wish and display them around your home.
If you wish, add glue, glitter, sequins or other things to decorate your lanterns.

Soda Bottle Lanterns

What you’ll need:
One 2-liter soda bottle
Utility knife
Pair of scissors
Assorted colors of tissue paper
Elmer’s glue
Small paintbrush
Single-hole punch
Glow sticks
Tree branches or dowels (optional)

What to do:
Cover your work area with newspaper or a tablecloth (vinyl protects best) and lay out your supplies.

Wash, rinse, and dry the soda bottle to make sure it is clean. (For large groups you may want to clean all bottles in advance.)

Take a 2-liter soda bottle and pierce a slot in the cone-shaped top of the bottle with a utility knife. Make sure the slot is large enough to insert the blade from a pair of scissors. (Please note: an adult should assist younger children with this step.) For large groups we suggest that a few adults cut the tops off all bottles in advance to save time.

Insert scissors into the slot and cut off the top of the soda bottle and discard (recycle, if possible) the top.

Take the bottom half of the soda bottle and punch two holes directly across from each other approximately one-quarter of an inch from the rim. (You will later string a piece of wire across to act as a handle.)

Select the pieces of tissue paper you’d like to use. Cut or tear tissue paper into desired shapes. (Some participants may want to sketch an idea or a pattern to use when making their lanterns. Others work without a sketch.)

Fill a small glass or jar with 2-3 ounces of water and add an equal amount of glue. Stir the mixture until the glue dissolves into the water. At SADD we like to call this the “magic mixture.”

Dip a small-sized paintbrush into the mixture, hold a piece of your tissue paper against the outside of your soda bottle lantern, and paint the magic mixture onto your tissue paper, sticking it to the soda bottle lantern. The tissue paper should be completely covered in the magic mixture and stick to the soda bottle lantern.

Continue to place pieces of tissue paper onto the soda bottle lantern and cover them with magic mixture. You can overlap pieces of tissue paper to create a design and experiment with different techniques by layering colors of tissue paper to create different colors. Make a collage with your tissue paper until your lantern is completely covered with colors or your desired design.

Once you’ve covered your soda bottle lantern completely, continue to apply small amounts of magic mixture over any pieces of tissue paper that appear to be dry or not sticking to the soda bottle.

Once your lantern is complete, set it out to dry overnight.

When you are sure your soda bottle lantern is dry, cut a 12” length of wire (any type of wire that you can bend with your hands is fine). Thread the wire through the two holes punched across from each other. Twist the wire around itself to secure it on each side, leaving a little bit of slack in the middle to make your lantern handle.

Hook the wire handle of your lantern onto the end of a small branch or a wooden dowel, or you can simply carry the lantern by its wire handle.

When it comes time to light your lantern, for safety reasons it is recommended to use glow sticks. Most schools, city buildings, community centers, etc. will not allow open flames inside buildings.

Glowing Lantern

What You'll Need:

16 regular craft sticks
1 sheet patterned tissue paper
Glow stick

Craft glue

Step 1: Place a sheet of tissue paper on your work surface, printed side up. Smooth out all wrinkles.

Step 2: Beginning at the lower left corner of the paper, glue a craft stick along the bottom edge, lining up the stick with the bottom of the tissue paper. Glue a craft stick up along the left side, perpendicular to the bottom stick. Glue two more sticks to complete the square, making sure all the angles are square.

Arrange craft sticks as shown.

Step 3: Glue on four more craft sticks to create another square that touches the right side of the one you just made. Repeat two more times so you have a total of four boxes in a row. Let dry.

Step 4: Trim the tissue paper that extends above the top edge of the squares. Also trim the right side of the paper 1/4 inch beyond the edge of the craft stick.

Step 5: Stand the shape on its side, and fold it into a cube shape without a top or bottom. Glue the tissue-paper flap to the first stick to secure the cube.

To make your lantern glow, place a lighted glow stick in the middle of the lantern. Never use a candle or fire of any sort, as the paper may burn.

Paper Mache Lanterns
Paper Mache Lanterns

These are easy and beautiful paper mache balloon lanterns. They work great as party decorations, house decorations and out door lanterns for the summer time.
Tissue paper in desired colors
Leaves (optional)
Encouraging words, printed out on paper and cut(optional)
Wire for hanging
Tear the tissue paper into strips (about 1 inch wide). Blow up your balloon to around the size you would like your lantern to be.

Mix glue and water, 2 parts glue to one part water, it should be a milky consistency. Slide a piece of tissue paper in and out of the glue mixture. Tissue paper is delicate and will rip easily when it gets wet, try to keep it straight, not twisted, and place in on the balloon. Continue this with each piece of tissue paper until the balloon is well covered.

Let dry, you may want to put one more layer of tissue paper on it once the first has dried.

Pop the balloon and cut the jagged edge off, cut this down far enough so the heat of the candle will have a place to escape out the top. Punch two holes in either side of the balloon.

Make a hanger with copper wire or an old wire hanger. I twisted the wire to make a spiral which keeps the wire from falling off the lantern.

Place a tea light in a glass candle holder then place that in the lantern. Or to be safe you could place a battery operated fake candle inside.

WARNING: Do not leave this candle unattended. This lantern is made off paper and is highly flammable. When you place the candle inside, feel around the lantern and make sure you can not feel heat on it, just coming out the top. Battery operated tea lights would work as well and be safer.

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