Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun Halloween Costumes

Make these cool costumes for your kids for this Halloween.

Astronaut Costume
Astronaut Costume

Plastic bucket (3½- gallon, 14-quart, or 12-quart sizes work well)
Hammer and nail
Wire cutters
Craft knife
8- by 12-inch piece of foam board
White duct tape
Dish towel
2 white 1-gallon plastic milk jugs
White plastic utensil tray
Adhesive-backed Velcro
¾-inch-wide clear plastic tube cut into two 3-foot lengths (sold in many hardware stores)
Blind-spot mirrors and reflectors (sold in many hardware stores)
White turtleneck and sweatpants
Flag and letter stickers
Rubber boots

Time needed: Under 1 Hour
1. To make an astronaut helmet, draw an oval face opening (at least 7 inches wide by 5 inches high) in pencil on the plastic bucket. Use a hammer and a nail to make a pilot hole in the plastic, then cut out the oval with wire cutters. With a craft knife, cut out two 2- by 9-inch foam-board rectangles to use as helmet braces (a parent or other adult's job). Round off the lower corners and duct-tape the tops against the inside of the helmet.

2. Roll up a dish towel, wrap it around your child's head, and tape it closed to form a ring. Remove the towel ring from your child's head and tape it inside the top of the helmet. (When it's time to wear the helmet, lower it straight down so the towel ring fits onto your child's head and the foam braces slide between the space pack and his back.)

3. For a space pack, wrap white duct tape around two empty milk jug air tanks to hold them together. Then fashion four 17-inch-long duct tape straps (as described in the Slime Bucket directions). Use two of the straps as suspenders to connect the air tanks to the plastic utensil tray control panel, taping the ends securely. Have your child try on the space pack, and adjust the suspender lengths if necessary.

4. Use the remaining two straps as side bindings that extend from the air tanks to the sides of the control panel. Once you've taped them to the back of the jugs, have your child try on the pack again to determine the right strap length (there should be little slack). Trim the straps if needed and attach the free ends to the inside of the utensil tray with adhesive-backed Velcro.

5. Use a craft knife to cut an asterisk shape in both sides of the utensil tray (adults only). Push one end of one of the clear plastic tubes through each hole and insert the opposite ends into the milk jug tops, taping them in place. Finally, decorate the space pack with mirrors and reflectors, and attach stickers to the turtleneck, sweatpants, boots, and helmet.

Wicked Witch Costume
Wicked Witch Costume

Masking tape
Skein of gray yarn
Black electrical tape
Black paint
1x2 yard piece of black gauze fabric
Black ribbon
10 water picks (available at florists)

Time needed: About 2 to 3 Hours

1. For the hat: Roll a tall newspaper cone (ours is 15 inches high) and tape it to hold. Roll up the bottom edge until it fits comfortably on your child's head.

2. For the hair: Cut a slew of 20-inch strands of yarn. Cut a 6-inch strip of electrical tape and press a bunch of the yarn strands onto it. Tape the yarn bunch to the rim of the cone. Continue making yarn bunches until the rim -- minus a section near the face -- is covered.

3. To finish the hat: Use three sheets of newspaper to form the hat brim. Roll in the outer edges, taping them in place, so that you create a circle with a rolled edge. Trace around the cone bottom onto the center of the brim, then divide the circle like a pie, cutting along the center lines. Push the cone up through the brim and tape in place. Paint the hat black. Cut out a cardboard buckle, cover with foil and tape to the front of the hat.

4. For the robe: Fold the fabric in half so the short ends meet, then cut an approximately 7-inch hole for her head. Have your child slip on the robe; then cut a fringy edge on the bottom. Belt the robe with a black ribbon.

5. For fingernails: Your child can press the water picks onto her fingers.

6. For spooky accessories: you could add a plastic snake necklace, striped tights, and black lipstick and many more .....

Clown Costume
Clown Costume

Colored face paints
Makeup brush and sponge
Nylon tulle
Curly wig

Time needed: Under 1 Hour
1. With a damp sponge, apply white face paint to your child's entire face, including his eyebrows. Use a small makeup brush to paint his upper and lower eyelids white.

2. Once the base coat dries (it usually takes just a few minutes), brush on facial features: a green diamond and blue star to accentuate his eyes, a round red nose and full red lips. Finish up with pointy red eyebrows about an inch above his real brows.

3. To make a clown collar, start with a 7- by 36-inch piece of nylon tulle (available at fabric stores). Thread string through the mesh along one long edge, gathering the collar as you go. Then tie the string ends into a bow behind your child's neck.

4. To complete the look, add a curly wig and baggy clothes (overalls or pajamas will do the trick) to the collar

Sunflowers Costume
Sunflowers Costume

9- by 12-inch sheets of craft foam (3 yellow, 4 green, and 1 orange)
Low-temperature hot glue gun
Cloth tape
Velcro fasteners
Sewing elastic
Red and black face paints

Time needed: Afternoon or Evening
1. For the flower petal headband, cut out 12 yellow craft foam petals that measure approximately 7 inches high and 3 inches wide, tapering to 1 1/4 inches at the base. Snip a 1/2-inch slit in the bottom center of each one. Glue together 1 1/2-inch-wide strips of orange craft foam, overlapping the ends a half inch to create a 23-inch-long headband. Starting 1 1/4 inches in from one end of the headband, cut 12 1 1/4-inch slits spaced a half inch apart.

2. Push the base of each petal through a slit, then bend each petal's tabs in opposite directions and secure them to the headband with cloth tape. Glue a Velcro fastener to the ends of the headband. To help hold the headband on your child's head, have her try it on and use a pen to mark a point above each ear. Make holes at the marks. Thread through the ends of a long piece of sewing elastic, adjust the length to fit around the back of your child's head, and knot the ends so they won't slip back through.

3. To make the leafy bib, cut out 10 green craft foam leaves that measure about 3 inches wide and 5 inches long. Hot-glue them by their tips, as shown, to a 1/2- by 18-inch strip of green craft foam. Glue a Velcro fastener to the ends. Use the same method to make leafy wrist and ankle cuffs.

4. Paint a ladybug on your little flower's cheek for good luck.

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Yvette Kelly said...

How I wish that we celebrated Halloween in South Africa.Those costumes look so amazing.I am going to try looking into starting the same trend over here.Maybe just at the schools as it is quite dangerous here and cant have kids knocking on peoples doors.You guys are so lucky