Monday, December 29, 2008

Everyday Supermarket buys that can transform into hours of Creative FUN

As a parent you could use your weekly shopping trip wisely. Yes, it need not only sustain your children's healthy bodies but also play an important part to fuel their imagination and spark their creativity. Every week as you stock up the pantry, you could add to your kids' "Imagination Treasure Chest".

The supermarket aisles are simply bursting with potential craft material to keep little hands busy and minds imagining. Even better, you won't bust the household budget paying for craft supplies.

Try out these wonderful ideas NOW!

1. Cardboard boxes from cereal, tissues, biscuits, yogurt or eggs all form the building blocks for big-project sculptures. Of course, really big boxes, such as from fridge or washing machines will be ideal for cubby house, but I've yet to find them in supermarket aisles.

2. Paper plates are not just for eating off. They transform easily into masks, hats, groovy handbags, clock faces, train wheels, steering wheels and spiralling snakes and much more.

3. Empty ice-cream containers covered in aluminium foil become knights' or astronauts helmets.

4. Pasta such as macaroni and penne are great for threading on ribbons or lengths of elastic to make fun necklaces or bracelets.

5. Dried beans and lentils create colorful mosaic pictures. Use a paper plate as a canvas and add pasta such as fusilli (twists) or farfalle (bow ties) for variety. Alternatively, make a musical shaker by placing dried beans and lentils in plastic baby bottle or between two paper plates that are stapled and decorated.

6. Cotton wools makes woolly sheep, wonderful clouds or beards on a mask, and really bushy eyebrows, too.

7. Used toilet rolls become binoculars for safaris, kazoos for making music and periscopes for submarines.
Play dough FUN

8. Plain flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil and food coloring are all you need for playdough. Add in Glitter for the sparkly touch!

9. Cornflour mixed with water and a few drops of food coloring makes "goop", a gooey
alternative to paint that toddlers will love.
Bubbles away

10. Detergent and a splash of glycerine added to water makes a fabulous bubble mix for hours of bubbly FUN.


Yvette Kelly said...

Great ideas.I use same ideas and encourage my kids to make craft items that look good for their bedroom and also serve as containers to keep their toys tidy.About the big boxes I have gone to the delivery section of supermarkets and have asked if they could give me some boxes which they have most times.

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