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Make your Own Funky Bracelets

Are you a teen and haven't got megabucks to spend on accessories? Here are some Great ideas to look fashionable with these trendy Bracelets. What's more, you'll have lots of fun making them too!

Let's start with something that is really very easy to do and yet the end result is a Funky Bracelets

Button Bracelets

Try out different colour co ordinations. You could make bracelets using shades of the same color for both the ribbon and buttons, or for a more striking look, alternate colors such as black and white. You could also use metal or jeweled buttons to make the bracelets extra fancy!


* 1/4 inch wide ribbon, 14 Inch length

* Scissors

* 8-10 flat back buttons (depending on button size)

* pencil

* Gem or jewel glue

* needle and thread

1. Wrap the centre of the ribbon around your wrist, leaving extra ribbon on each end for the ties. Mark the size of your wrist on the ribbon with a pencil.

2. Use gem or jewel glue to tack the buttons in a row along the ribbon. Let the glue dry overnight. For extra hold, thread a sewing needle and, starting from the back of the ribbon, sew the buttons in place. Tie the bracelet to your wrist with a bow. Trim off the excess ribbon if needed.

Dice Bracelets


* Dice beads

* Black or white beads

* Elastic thread

1. Thread dice bead then black or white bead alternatively. Measure the bracelet around your wrist as you work. Once you have reached the length for your wrist, tie a knot with the two ends of the thread. Then cut off any excess thread close to the edge.

Fishing Swivel Bracelets

Fishing Swivels are small metal items used to keep fishing lines from tangling (they are also sometimes used on kites for the same reason)> Swivels come in different sizes and can be found wherever fishing supplies are sold. Keep in mind that smaller swivels are easier to open than larger ones.

Fishing swivels make instant jewelry - all you need are beads and swivels to make a bracelet. For extra Zaz, you could add pretty charms to dangle from the bracelets.


* fishing swivels

* seed beads

1. First open up the wires on all of the swivels. (You will need about eight swivels to complete a bracelet). Link the swivels together before adding the beads. Don't close the wires yet! Thread on a few small seed beads to the open wires.

2. Pinch the open hooks closed. If the are stiff, you can use pliers to close them, or ask someone with strong thumbs to close the wires for you.

3. Keep adding links until the swivel chain fits around your wrist. Link the last open wire to the first to close the bracelet around your wrist.

Mod Bead Bracelet

Give plain wooden beads a mod makeover with easy - to - do decoupage. Paper napkins, tissue paper, and newspaper are the best choices to decoupage onto beads. You can paint the beads for a splash of color, glue on glitter, or cut our words form magazine to create your own cool styles.


* Large wooden beads with holes

* Colorful paper napkins, wrapping paper or magazines

* Decoupage glue

* Paintbrush (for glue)

* Elastic cord ( cut into 9-inch strand)

1. Tear off small pieces of paper napkin or tissue paper to apply to the beads. Paint small sections of the bead with decoupage glue.

2. Apply the napkins bits to cover the bead. Continue adding the pieces, gluing and overlapping the edges until the bead is covered.(Be careful not to cover the bead holes!)

3. Roll the end of the paintbrush over the paper to smooth it in place or use your fingers to smooth the paper (wash your hands if they get too sticky) Let the beads dry.

4. Seal the beads with a final coat of decoupage glue. Make sure all of the sections are covered with glue. Let the glue dry.

5. String the beads onto a piece of elastic cord. Tie the cord into a square knot. To tie a square knot, hold the ends of the cord in each hand. Cross the right end over the left and wrap it around, just like when you are tying a bow in your shoelace. Then, repeat the steps, only this time tying the left end over the right end. Pull on the ends to tighten the knot.

6. Clip off the excess cord. Put a dab of decoupage glue on the ends of the cord to keep them from fraying.

Junk Drawer Charm Bracelets

Go on a treasure hunt for small objects you can hang from a bracelet. Everyday objects like safety pins, colorful charms. Look for items that have an opening to connect with a jump ring. Add beads or jewelry charms to make a design that is truly one of a kind.


* Chain bracelet

* Jump rings (1 for each charm)

* Head pins

* Small found objects (plastic capsule toys, safety pins, beads buttons, game pieces or anything small that you can hang)

* round-nose pliers

* wire clippers or nail cutters

1. Charms with openings can be attached to the chain with a jump rlng. First open the jump ring with your pliers. Thread the opened jump ring through the opening in the charm. Then attach the jump ring to the chain and close the ring with your pliers.

2. Beads need a head pin before they can be attached to a jump ring. You can find many interesting and different beads such as dice bead. Thread the head pin through the bead.

3. Bend the head pin wire over in a 90 degree angle. Loop the wire at the top of the object with round-nose pliers. (If you don't have pliers, you can wrap the wire around a wooden skewer to make a loop.)

4. Wrap the end of the head pin wire around the base of the loop a few times to secure the loop in place.

5. Clip off the excess wire with wire cutters or old fingernail clippers. Continue adding pieces to the chain bracelet until you have covered the length of the chain.

Sequin Bracelets


* Assorted sequins

* 24 - Guage wire

* Wire cutters or nail clippers

* 1 large seed bead, size 6/0 ("E bead")

1. Cut off about 36 inches of wire. Choose a large sequin that will be used for the "button clasp" at the end of the bracelet. Bend the wire in the middle and make a loop that is big enough for the large sequin to pass through, but not so big that the sequin will slide easily out. Twist the wires a few times at the base of the loop. You will now have a loop with two wire ends.

2. Thread your first sequin onto one of the wires. Then pass the other wire through the sequin in the opposite direction.

3. Slide the sequin close to the loop, being careful not to twist the wires. The sequin should lie flat with the wires passing over the surface.

4. Add the next sequin as you did in steps 1 through 3. Slide the second sequin next to the first. Turn the sequin around twice to twist the wires between the sequins. This will keep them neatly spaced and separated.

5. Continue adding sequins. For an interesting pattern, mix large and small sequins of different colors along the wires. Measure the bracelet around your wrist as you work.

6. As soon as you have enough sequins threaded on the wires to make a bracelet, add your large "button" sequin on the end. This time pass both ends of the wire through the sequin at the same time going in the same direction. Add the large seed bead on next, sliding the bead next to the sequin.

7. Bring both ends of the wire back through the large sequin, skipping over the bead. The bead will act as a "stop," preventing the wire from slipping back through the sequin.

8. Twist the wire ends around the wires directly under the large sequin several times to secure the sequins in place. Clip off the excess wire with wire cutter or nail clippers to finish the bracelet.

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